Here are some videos of our first powerpet show which took place on August 27 2022 at Geiger Park in Deer Park NY Please visit our website. Here’s a little info about this park. Geiger Park is a beautiful arbor lined nature preserve and botanical garden as seen by the images shown here and sprinkled all over our existing sites it’s filled with many different species of wildlife and exotic plants a most picturesque and ideal site for our first pet show, so sit back with your popcorn and enjoy the event we have images of the park on all of our sites for you to see.



Green Fields


Clean Park


We put your Power Pet
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A Must Have Pet Award and Pet Parent Honor for both of you

Welcome everyone to and our Powerpet family where we make you and your pet nationwide and globally famous.  So lets start off with something simple have any of your little/large furry or feathered  friend ever received an award or honor before?  If your answer is no well that’s okay too no worries here!

You see at Powerpet or Powerpet clubs you and that very special furry or feathered friend of yours could be selected randomly as Powerpet  and Powerpet parent of the Hour The Day The Week The Month or what we call here as the Mega or Powerball award/ honor the pet event  of the decade, the annual selection that is the Pet and Pet Parent/s of the Year Honor and it could be you because with it comes a cash price with gifts trophies and exclusivity. Here’s the scoop when you join up and become a member of either or or whether your Pet is chosen or not as Powerpet of the HOUR DAY WEEK or MONTH you become part of a very exclusive club membership and as the saying goes membership has it’s privileges aside from been a part of an exclusive registry.

You will have easy access to our daily weekly monthly specials and membership rewards plan in addition to our annual discounts we have a mind blowing membership loyalty rewards program again exclusively for members only. Where “Half off” is our mainstay here. As a member should you or any of your pets win you become recipient of any of these beautiful  personalized and customized proclamation certificates framed or unframed or our beautifully sculptured wall plaques made in Brass or gold toned for your home or offices.

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Pet Awards

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See How Your Special
Pet Compares With Others.


Please note

To all participants who attended the Giger Park Power Pet Event that was held on August 27th, we at Power Pet would like to express our appreciation and gratitude to all.

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